'New Girl' Season 1, Episode 4 Recap - 'Naked'

'New Girl' Season 1, Episode 4 Recap - 'Naked' You never realize how much you love something until it's gone away. I realized this while waiting three weeks for "New Girl" to come back.

Of course, sometimes that thing you love comes back, and then you realize that it isn't as great as you remembered (lookin' at you, "Glee"). Fortunately, that was not the case with "Naked." It was as wonderful as all the rest of them. You have to wonder if there will ever be a bad episode of this show. There has to be, right? What will that be like?

Anyway, Nick has a date with a hot girl from work named Amanda (played by Lake Bell). He's doing his naked dancing to reggae thing to get psyched when Jess walks in on him and sees his penis, which causes her to let out a kind of scream/laugh hybrid.

That dashes Nick's confidence enough that when it comes time to close the deal with Amanda, Nick refuses to take his clothes off. But... but... it's Lake Bell!

Many arguments and awkward interactions between Jess and Nick later, all is resolved when Nick and Amanda are hooking up in Nick's room, only to be interrupted by a naked Jess, who was told to show her stuff to Nick to even things out. Somehow, this works.

The master stroke of this episode, though, is Jess' inability to say the word "penis." She says "piernis," sings it, says it "like a ghoul," says it in Swedish, and calls it a "pee pee and bubbles," but can't get the word out until later in the episode, when she learns her lesson and grows up. Ironic, since Zooey Deschanel spent a scene in "500 Days of Summer" yelling the word in a park.

Ideally, I would have a full list of the many terms that Liz Meriweather and her writing staff came up with in replacement of "penis," but there were just too many. I can tell you, though, that Jess referred to her vagina as a "gumbo pot." So, there's that.

But the thing that made me happiest about this episode is the depth that we're starting to see from the guys. They're really developing as characters with needs and wants... for example, Winston spent the episode worrying about his future (after having to catch up on all pop culture of the last two years. Ouch).

Even the broad character of Schmidt is finding some real moments to shine. The fact that he felt he needed to see Nick's junk as well just killed me, and Max Greenfield found some terrific moments of comedy, including his size indicator to Jess and the ensuing, oblivious shock. Like Jess, Schmidt is becoming a character with quirks and odd habits, rather than just "the dumb guy." And that, friends, is why Liz Meriweather rocks.

Bonus points this week for the joke about the Golden Girls, which was sad but also hilarious.

Double bonus points for "heart penis."