'New Girl' Season 2, Episode 12: 'Cabin' Recap

'New Girl'  Season 2, Episode 12: 'Cabin' Recap Jess encourages Nick and his new girlfriend Angie to come with her and her doctor boyfriend to a cabin for the weekend. She wants back up because she’s nervous. Nick refuses… until he finds out it’s a free trip.

At a restaurant, Schmidt sees Winston entertaining a table of African American people, who Winston says he met on his way to the bathroom. Schmidt is surprised by how light and easy going Winston seems.

Later, he sits his friends down.

“White Nick. Brown CeCe. I’d like to have a frank discussion about race. Do you think we’re allowing Winston to be his blackest self?”

He tells them about what happened when Winston “encountered members of his own.” He wants to harbor a more open environment in the loft.

He gives Winston a Rastafarian hat, and insists they go out for soul food, even though Winston wants Indian. Winston wants to know if this means he can do whatever he wants, and Schmidt will agree? Yup.

At the cabin, Sam and Jess play Boggle and try not to listen to Nick and Angie have sex. Sam reminds Angie it’s his boss’ cabin… before she busts into a room and finds rifles. She and Nick run outside and shoot at random. Sam wants to join.

Jess comes out too, but Nick tells Angie not to give her a gun—prompting Jess to want to shoot. She scares them all by pointing it at them. She aims for the cans… with some sexy hands-on help from Angie, and shoots. She knocks out the power on the first shot.

No one is happy with her when things get cold, but Angie finds sweaters in the closet, and absinthe.

“Absinthe… has killed so many of our most famous painters,” Jess points out nervously. Everyone takes a swig, and pressures Jess into it.

Winston’s black night is going really well… only there’s one more thing he needs to top it off. Crack. He tells a lovely story about singing shoo-op around a burning garbage can with his family and smoking crack. Schmidt agrees.

“If crack cocaine is what you want, then crack cocaine is what we are going to get.”

Winston talks him into going to the ghetto and knocking on doors to ask for crack… or get frozen yogurt. But Schmidt is determined to get crack.

Sam and Jess, meanwhile, are loopy on the absinthe. Jess runs upstairs to check on her bed/vomit. Nick goes to check on her, which prompts some weird looks from Angie. Jess admits she likes Angie.

“She’s like riding a poorly maintained carnival ride.”

They go back downstairs… and Angie is sitting on Sam’s lap, stroking his hair. Apparently they “switched.”

Nick can’t be angry because he and Angie are in an open relationship, which Jess calls out. He calls her out on Jess wanting the perfect fake relationship with Sam. They argue. To prove he’s crazy enough for Angie, he chugs the absinthe.

Schmidt invites an extremely scary looking man into the car in the ghetto. He panics when he gets locked into the car, and everyone panics. The man, Robert, thinks he’s being robbed, and so do they. It takes a while to work things out… and then Winston confesses the truth and he and Schmidt book it out of there to go get fro yo.

At the cabin, everyone is having dinner. Jess won’t let Sam pass the bread to Angie, and continues to take it back from her because she assumed she and the bread had an open relationship. Nick gets weirdly honest, and he confesses that he has feelings for Angie and doesn’t like that she tried to kiss Sam.

She apologizes later. Nick tells her she doesn’t have to change, but maybe she can meet him in the middle. He wants to try doing… normal things with her.

Sam and Jess talk, and she confesses she wanted the weekend to be perfect. He reminds her they’re not perfect… and that even tanked on absinthe, he said “no” to a hot stripper rubbing his leg. That’s the most romantic thing she’s ever heard.

Nick wakes to find Angie’s bed empty, and a note. He goes downstairs to tell Jess and Sam she has left him, and he needs a ride home. Jess gives him a no-touch hug. They pack up and go, and Nick takes a parting sip of absinthe.

“I am gonna poop weird tonight!”