New 'Glee' Promo: Kate Hudson's Gotta Dance

New 'Glee' Promo: Kate Hudson's Gotta Dance "Glee" is undergoing a big change in the upcoming season, and one can only hope that the shift will lift the show from the stasis in which it has comfortably sat for the past two years. It's a show where characters rarely change, despite the lessons learned: take Rachel, for example, who maintains her haughty superiority despite having been taught a lesson about it many times before.

From the look of things, Rachel's "I'm a star" attitude will be getting a reality check when she attends the fictional NYADA in the upcoming season. In particular, her dance instructor (played by Kate Hudson) will be doling out some ego shrinkage as a New York version of Sue Sylvester.

"I really, really can't stand her," says Rachel, sighing about Hudson's character. Well, now you know how we felt about you all those years.

Will this experience finally put Rachel in her place and make her a little more bearable? Will this coming season be the saving grace of "Glee?"

Check out the new promo below:

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