New International 'Django Unchained' Trailer Features Jamie Foxx, Johnny Cash

If this trailer doesn't get you tingling to see "Django Unchained" January 25, then it could be assumed that Quentin Tarantino in general probably doesn't excite you at all.

After all, the man loves his films the way many hate their orange juice: loaded down with pulp. A little bit like a blaxploitation script that was misfiled unbound with a gunslinger's-revenge tale, "Django Unchained" reunites Tarantino with his "Inglourious Basterds" Oscar winner Christopher Waltz as a "dentist" that frees slave Django (Jamie Foxx, looking the best he has since "Ray" or "The Soloist") and molds him into a bounty hunter. Under his mentor tutelage, Django eventually crosses path with the plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) holding Django's wife.

DiCaprio making a true villainous turn intrigues me enough. But Tarantino has always laid his grindhouse-inspired, grit-laden style over some interesting frames. "Inglourious Basterds" left many people cold, but admit it, Tarantino told a different kind of World War II tale with a tone not often seen these days. Just for a cherry on top, throw in one requisite Samuel L. Jackson role, and this looks like a Tarantino fan's delight.