New 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' Clip Will Take Your Breath Away

With about a month to go before "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" arrives in theaters, Jeremy Renner is here to boil your already-racing blood to a fever pitch.

In this latest installment, directed by live-action rookie Brad Bird, the IMF's implication in a global terrorist-bombing plot that destroys the Kremlin during agent Ethan Hunt's investigation in Moscow gets the agency shut down.

As a result, Hunt (Tom Cruise, in what's been rumored to be his final bow in the series) gathers up his team of renegades, rebels and rogues. Together, they have to clear the organization's name with absolutely no outside support.

In this clip, Renner must rely on his team to cover his backside during a death-defying dive. Veteran of the first three films Ving Rhames returns for this one, and is joined by Josh Holloway, Renner, Tom Wilkinson and Simon Pegg. About 30 minutes of the J.J. Abrams-co-produced sequel were shot in IMAX. The film hits theaters Dec. 21.

Watch a clip from "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol":