Watch the New Promo for the Second Season of 'Louie'

Watch the New Promo for the Second Season of 'Louie' Although being a remarkably small show, even for a smaller network like FX, "Louie" quickly gained a passionate fan following due in no small part to the popularity of its star, stand-up comic Louis C.K..

C.K. writes, directs, produces, and edits all of the episodes himself, and is the only member of the cast to appear in it weekly. And while that might seem like a bit of vanity in anyone else's hands, "Louie" instead comes across almost like a handmade independent project. In other words, exactly what you used to expect from cable television.

The show follows Louie, a fictional representation of himself, as he navigates the territory of being a recently-divorced father of two (C.K. has two daughters in real life from a marriage that ended the year before the show went on the air). It does explore life as a stand-up comedian, but that's secondary to presenting his own concerns on aging, relationships, depression, and guilt.

Yeah, it all sounds very heady, but it's also frequently hilarious. So if that mix of awkward voyages into dark territory with a humorous outlook is up your alley, check out the unusual promo for the next season, which premieres June 23 at 10:30 on FX.