New 'Skyfall' Trailer: Bond's Back, and So Is the Action

Bond is back.

The rebooted franchise, with Daniel Craig in the lead, burst onto the scene with "Casino Royale," impressing audiences with a grittier, more brutal Bond, innovative action and even a little bit of the uber-popular Texas Hold'Em. That was followed, though, by "Quantum of Solace," which was not as well received and, frankly, was lacking a little in pace.

So Bond fans, not to mention the sutdio, naturally have high hopes for "Skyfall," the third installment with Craig playing the legendary British spy. And with this newest trailer, which reveals plot points and a nice taste of the movie's action, those hopes are going to be that much closer to being fulfilled.

The trailer reveals some goings-on with MI6, including an execution order from M on a number of her agents, including Bond. It looks as though the superspy enjoyed his death for a while, but returns just in time for a major crisis to hit the agency.

We also get a look at Javier Bardem as the movie's villain, and it seems that they have decided to give him blonde hair and awkwardly dyed eyebrows. Why? I couldn't tell you. But there it is.

The trailer also introduces us to the new Q, as played by the young Ben Whishaw. Whishaw follows in the footsteps of the late Desmond Llewelyn, who played the role from the 1960's to 1999, after which point John Cleese briefly took over.

Check out the theatrical trailer for "Skyfall" below: