New 'Sons Of Anarchy' Promo: 'All Out Of Play'

New 'Sons Of Anarchy' Promo: 'All Out Of Play' (WARNING! The following contains some "Sons of Anarchy" spoilers.)

Should we really trust that Clay Morrow's backed down? Come on. If FX's "Sons of Anarchy" is to eventually end in two years as explosively as this new promo implies the upcoming season will unfold, does anyone really believe that he'll be on the sidelines?

Morrow (Ron Perlman) clearly isn't fully mended after his season-ending shooting in this clip, sitting across the SAMCRO table telling an inquiring Jax "I'm all out of play." Possibility, the first? He really doesn't have a move left on the board. Possibility, the second and every bit more likely? Morrow's got a sense of timing behind his reckoning.

Elsewhere? Well, there goes Opie, dragged away by the cops. Jimmy Smits looks damn crazed as Nereno "Nero" Parada. The One-Niners want to pick a fight, which they're sure to find. And appropriately, Jax stands with the flames rising behind him.

What a way to go out. Plus, we'll all get to see what happens when daughter of Disney Ashley Tisdale goes high-priced escort, and if this is indeed also the final curtain for NBC's "Community," Joel McHale could maybe find a new home if his ex-con character survives.

All in all, "Sons of Anarchy" returns to FX for its fifth season Sept. 11.