New 'Super 8' Trailer Debuts at MTV Movie Awards (Watch it Here!)

The MTV Movies Awards were a hot spot for studios to unveil new footage of their biggest summer movies. We've already brought you the epic "Harry Potter" clip and the first "Breaking Dawn" trailer, and finally, here is the new (and with its release coming up this Friday, presumably final) "Super 8" trailer.

The "Super 8" marketing campaign has been sort of a jumbled one. It started out by pushing the sci-fi mystery elements with footage shot exclusively for the trailer before the film even went into production, and then started building the campaign more around the group of kids who really provide the center of the film.

Now Paramount has started refocusing on the mystery in a major way. They have a Twitter campaign afoot to get people excited about whatever the secret is in "Super 8" (appropriately hashtagged as #super8secret), because, after all, it's it's a J.J. Abrams production, there must be some huge twist at the center of it.

The weirdest thing is that Abrams' reputation as a man of secrets really just boils down to "Lost," a show he produced but didn't have a very big hand in executing. The studio is going for a "Cloverfield" (another film Abrams produced, but didn't write or direct) feel, but the only secret in "Cloverfield" was what the monster looked like (and, for awhile, the title). That's the same thing they've been doing in "Super 8" - withholding the monster, that is - but I wonder how many times Abrams can simply not give the audience a taste for what the movie really is, and call that marketing.

Here is the latest trailer for the film, which debuted last night at the MTV Movie Awards. "Super 8" comes out this Friday, July 10th.

Watch the Trailer for "Super 8":