New Super Bowl 'Hunger Games' Trailer Shows the Personal Side of Panem

After weeks of posters, character pics, and stills from various key scenes in the movie, "The Hunger Games" has finally released its second trailer.

As with the first, there's very little in this trailer that reveals the events of the Hunger Games themselves. We have a few quick shots of Katniss and, this time, Peeta running toward or away from the Cornucopia at the start of the games, and a little bit of burning timber from another key scene from the Games.

What we do get with the new trailer is a bit more of the personal side of the story: some more dialogue between Katniss and Peeta about their worries with the Games, the tearful goodbye between Katniss and Gale, and a little more of Katniss and Prim as they discuss the mockingjay pin and Katniss makes her promise.

Check out the second full trailer for "The Hunger Games" below: