New 'The X Factor' Promo Debuts During 'American Idol' Finale

New 'The X Factor' Promo Debuts During 'American Idol' Finale We can't speak for Antonio "L.A." Reid, but it's been quite the couple days for his "The X Factor" cohorts Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell.

That picture above? That's Spears arriving all aglow this afternoon at first-round auditions in Austin, TX for the FOX prime time competition show's second season. She and Lovato made their deals to appear on Cowell's talent search official last week, replacing departed judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. Still unfilled? Cowell hasn't announced who's replacing departed host Steve Jones.

Last night might have been just as big...had "American Idol," Cowell's former stomping grounds, come up with its end of the bargain. The first official promo featuring Lovato and Spears showed up during last night's annointing of Georgia bluesman Phillip Phillips as America's next idol. Had the finale drawn like last season's, that would've been huge. Unfortunately, "only" 21 million tuned in, making it the least-watched "Idol" finale in 11 seasons.

Cowell's smirking words in last night's promo might still be echoing in his head today: "What was I thinking?"

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