Nick Cannon Hospitalized, Mariah Carey Cites Kidney Failure

Nick Cannon Hospitalized, Mariah Carey Cites Kidney Failure If you thought your holiday was bad, try being "Up All Night" star Nick Cannon.

The actor/comedian, who is married to pop diva Mariah Carey, landed himself in the hospital over the holidays thanks to kidney failure, according to Carey's Twitter.

Carey tweeted about the incident, noting that the kidney failure was "mild" and adding a picture of her cuddling up to a rather miserable-looking Cannon and offering him a juicebox. I'm not sure what's worse: the kidney failure or having to deal with Mariah Carey all the time.

Case in point: back in December, Cannon noted how important this family trip was for Carey. "I think my wife has been planning this all her life, Christmas with the kids," said Cannon. "We always have a real Santa Claus come with real reindeer on Christmas Eve, but this is the first time with our own kids."

A real Santa Claus and real reindeer? Expect nothing less from a diva.

Cannon appears to be okay, though Carey is still asking fans to "pray for Nick" as the experience can be "very painful." We hope you get better soon, Nick... and pray that living with a diva doesn't kill you either.

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