No More Starz on Netflix, But Here's Why It's Okay

No More Starz on Netflix, But Here's Why It's Okay Netflix hasn't had the greatest summer. You may remember the big hubbub over the price hike that Netflix put on its customers, splitting the DVD and streaming services and charging for each separately, which understandably didn't sit so well with subscribers.

Now, Netflix is facing a new challenge: Starz, who currently provides about 1,000 titles for the Netflix library, with all of them available for Instant Play streaming, has decided not to continue its partnership with Netflix. That means Netflix, who has been working to build up its level of content and provide original content as well, will be losing the 1,000 or so titles available through Starz Play.

But here's why that's okay: while Starz Play does offer a few truly great titles, both classic and contemporary ("Toy Story 3" and "The Sting" are on there right now), it also offers a ton of stinkers ("Bio-Dome?" "Stan Helsing?") that do nothing but take up space or provide entertainment for those who love to watch terrible movies ironically.

Also, Starz Play puts limitations on your viewing capabilities. If you have Xbox Live, you can normally watch any Instant movie or TV show on Netflix with a party online. But Starz made certain that Xbox Live/Netflix subscribers wouldn't be able to do so with their content.

Of course, some of Starz' original content will be missed, like the guilty pleasure "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" or the oh-so-perfectly-good-and-funny "Party Down."

But chances are pretty good that Starz will be seeking out another service to sell their content to, like maybe Amazon Prime, so this content might not be gone for long.

Netflix, for its part, seems unperturbed. The company has said that it expects the Starz content to "naturally drift down to 5 percent-6 percent of domestic viewing" in the near future.

Not only that, but Netflix promises to take the money that it will be saving from not paying Starz and use it to pursue more content from other providers. Sadly, with HBO doing its own HBO Go thing, you probably won't be seeing "True Blood" on Netflix any time soon.

But it will be interesting to see if Netflix picks up content from anyone else. They reached an agreement making all four seasons of "Mad Men" available this July. How about a complete AMC takeover, perhaps? Please?

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