No Wedding, No Problem: Meet Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriends

No Wedding, No Problem: Meet Hugh Hefner's New Girlfriends You didn't actually think that a little thing like having his wedding called off was going to get Hugh Hefner down, did you?

Just two weeks after his wedding was called off when the bride, Crystal Harris, moved out of the Playboy mansion, Hef already has not one new girlfriend, but two. And surprise! They're Playmates!

Hef has been spending a lot of time with Anna Sophia Berglund (to his right in the picture below), calling her his "best girl" on Twitter. The catch? She's one of Crystal Harris' best friends. For shame, Hef!

Hefner has also gone from Miss December 2009 (Crystal Harris) to Miss November 2010, as he announced his other new relationship on Twitter. Last night, Hef tweeted "Goodnight, Shera" (kinda cute, right?), which prompted questions from his followers as to who Shera was. Hef then responded that Shera is in fact his (other) new girlfriend.

So who is this Shera? Shera Bechard (pictured, left) is a French-Canadian model and actress (well, she has one film credit on IMDB anyway) from Ontario. From the looks of things she was a brunette, but has since switched to blonde. After all, we know how Hef likes fake blondes.

As for the age difference for this new couple--er, triple: Bechard is 27 and Berglund is 23. And Hef is still 85. I know it seems like it, but he hasn't magically aged another two years since last week.

Crystal Harris, meanwhile, is on the cover of the most recent Playboy issue, which Hef decided to add "Runaway Bride" stickers to before they hit newsstands.

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