Now That Arnold's Back, Is 'The Terminator' Far Behind?

Following the release of "Terminator Salvation," which was not considered a box office success in spite of its $371 million worldwide take, the franchise went bankrupt and hasn't been heard from since.

"Salvation" director McG was expected to continue the new trilogy that was set in the days of the war between humans and the machines of Skynet, but the bankruptcy halted all development. Until now, just days after Arnold Schwarzenegger declared he was back in the acting business.

Schwarzenegger's career has long relied on the "Terminator" franchise. It propelled him into stardom in the 1980s, and redefined him for a new generation with "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

Even the much-maligned "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" brought in more money than anything else Schwarzenegger had starred in since "Judgement Day."

And while the two aren't directly connected - the Deadline report stating renewed interest in the "Terminator" franchise makes no mention of them seeking Schwarzenegger to star - the timing seems too coincidental.

Perhaps they are heeding James Cameron's theory that any "Terminator" movie without him would be "stupid."

In the meantime, it seems like Universal is looking at the franchise as Justin Lin's next project.

Lin directed the last three "Fast and Furious" films, including the forthcoming "Fast Five," which have proven surprisingly consistent performers for the studio. Not at all coincidentally, they want Chris Morgan, the writer of Lin's "Fast and Furious" films (as well as "Wanted" and the forthcoming "47 Ronin") to handle screenwriting duties.

It's completely unknown what direction the next "Terminator" film would take, but much like the titular character, it seems like the franchise just won't be stopped.