Octomom Saved From Foreclosure At 11th Hour

Octomom Saved From Foreclosure At 11th Hour Make this time count, Octomom. Women and children cannot live long on masturbation-based income alone.

Despite being bankrupt, Nadya Suleman and her 14 children have at least a roof over their heads a while longer. They received a reported second extension in two days on the foreclosure auction of their foreclosed La Hambra, Calif. home, E! Online reported Thursday.

Prospective buyers who showed up at City Hall Thursday weren't told why the TMZ darlings received a second reprieve. The home is a four-bedroom, three-bath model perfect for a big family - or in Octomom's case, what appears to be a future complete basketball team and coaching staff. She and her brood have resided there since 2009.

A Meridian Foreclosure Proceedings representative had reportedly warned affected parties previously that the auction might be postponed. It's now set tentatively for June7.

Suleman's April 30 Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing included upward of a $1 million in debt and being an approximate total $33,000 behind in mortgage payments to the house's note-holder, Amer Haddadin. When he took over the note, Suleman agreed to compensate him for keeping up the mortgage.

Though the auction was initially postponed pending Suleman's filing, her petition's dismissal due to her lacking all proper documents means creditors will be let in through the front door, so to speak.

To make whatever dent she could, Suleman signed on the dotted line earlier this month to perform in an adult film label's masturbation video. She reportedly made more mastering her domain for the camera than the $10,000 she made a while back to pose for some topless photos.

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