Olivia Wilde Attacked for This Instagram Post

Here's more evidence that social media is infested with trolls more interested in sowing discord than contributing anything of value to the world. When Love the Coopers star Olivia Wilde posted an innocent picture of herself and her son, trolls crawled from beneath their rocks to accuse her of being inappropriate. We're pretty sure that most people in Olivia Wilde's culture don't have a problem with a mother giving her young child a peck on the lips and would hesitate to shame her for kissing her son "like her husband." Apparently, though, such behavior is abhorrent in troll-land.

Via The Sun.

Olivia Wilde has been shamed by trolls for kissing her son "like her husband".

Finding hope in this ❤.

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The Hollywood actress posted a sweet snap of her giving her son Otis a peck on the lips while he's in the bath.

She captioned the snap: "Finding hope in this ❤."

The House actress is also mum to daughter Daisy, who turns one next month.

However, the 33-year-old - who is married to Jason Sudeikis - was inundated with negative comments over the picture.

Despite garnering 100,000 likes, some of Olivia's followers thought it was inappropriate.

One wrote: "Kissing your kid like your husband."

Another added: "Adorable. Would it be still appropriate if the genders were switched? Just curious."

However, many rushed to defend her with one sweet follower writing: "I felt I had to find you on Instagram just to add another voice saying this is okay.

"Kiss your son. Kiss him on the lips. In the bath. It is okay. He is your son. Ignore the hate. I love you!"

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