Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte to Cameo on '90210'

Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte to Cameo on '90210' If you watched The 2012 Summer Olympics, chances are pretty good that you know who Ryan Lochte is. His name was spoken almost as much as Michael Phelps' was throughout the games, and with good reason: he was Phelps' teammate in a number of races, and his adversary in a couple more.

But more than that, Lochte won over many female viewers with his looks. Male swimmers are ogled enough to begin with, but Lochte has the bonus of being a handsome guy as well. Then he opens his mouth and says things like "What defines me? [pause] Ryan Lochte," and you can't help but facepalm.

Still, Lochte's fratboy persona, complete with star-spangled grill (yes, really) and Twitter catchphrase ("Jeah"), is perfect for television, isn't it? In reality TV, it's the big personalities that stand out. They don't have to be too smart. That's why Lochte is already being pitched for his own reality show, after passing up a serious offer to be "The Bachelor." He has also shown interest in "Dancing with the Stars," which will undoubtedly happen soon.

But Lochte's first stop will be in scripted television, as the swimmer is set to cameo on "90210." He will be playing himself (thank god), and will run into Naomi and Max at a resort, according to TVLine.

You can catch Ryan Lochte's episode of "90210" on October 29. You can catch his Funny or Die sketch with Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams below:

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