One More New Poster Before Tuesday's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Release

A little late in the game to showcase a poster for a summer blockbuster? Perhaps. But it's such a fine image providing a different "sell" of tomorrow's premiering "The Amazing Spider-Man."

This is the angle many fans probably hoped previous director Sam Raimi would've eventually gotten around to making after Dr. Curt Connors appeared in all three of his first efforts: Connors' emergence as The Lizard, this time played by Rhys Ifans instead of Dylan Baker.

What's more, this is a poster that makes a fairly big deal of The Lizard's debut.

In posters for all three of Raimi's films, there was a trend of featuring each film's villain reflected in the eyes of Spidey's mask - more notably in the "Spider-Man 3" poster, in windows of a skyscraper immediately opposite the clinging web-slinger. Here, it's the opposite: Spidey is reflected in the eye of The Lizard. Is it a conscious effort to suggest even more strongly that this will be a marked departure from Raimi's approach? Possibly. A "reflection" (pun, apologetically, intended...) of Spider-Man's jeopardy? Definitely.

If there's one thing Raimi did well often, it was keeping the arc of the villain near the plot's forefront. Here's hoping that Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Ifans can do the same.