One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 11 - Darkness On the Edge of Town Recap

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 11 In season 8 episode 11 of One Tree Hill, a storm strikes the little community of Tree Hill which endangers everyone’s life. Jamie is out with his friend leaving Haley worrying behind. For better opportunities, Julian wants to shift to Los Angeles with Brook who is angry with him because she thinks she has been manipulated to sell her garments company so that Julian can move to LA. She leaves in the storm. Quinn is alone at home when a drenched Katie comes.

While driving, Brook notices Chuck, a friend of Jamie with blood all over his body. She is told that they have met an accident. While Jamie and Madison are doing fine, Ms Lauren has lost her consciousness.  She is taken to hospital along with Chuck. When she was trying to rescue Jamie from his seat belt, Julian arrived looking for Brook. But another car suddenly crashes into his car throwing Jamie and Brook into the water.

Julian rescues them both but finds Brook dead. After repeated attempts of CPR, Brook finally coughs water and starts breathing again.

At Quinn’s place, Katie chases her with a knife and in an attempt to defend herself both of them fell out of her balcony and land up in the pool of Quinn. Getting out of the pool they ended up in her bedroom where Quinn shoots Katie and calls ambulance to take injured Katie away.

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