How Oprah Can Save Her OWN Network

How Oprah Can Save Her OWN Network How is it possible that Oprah – talk show queen of the universe – is lacking viewers for her OWN network?

Oprah’s new channel, it seems, needs a miracle. Viewership averages 135,000 per day, which is small stuff for television, let alone acceptable for the media goddess and host of one of the longest running daytime talk shows - at 24 seasons.

The channel went on air in January and viewership is already down 10 percent. Additionally, the network struggles with it’s own demographic. Only a quarter of those watching are women 25 to 45.

Maybe Oprah is busy wrapping up the final season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," ensuring that it ends on a high note. So, we’ll cut her some slack. It’s doubtful that the $2.7 billionairess is going to be hurting from the slow growth. In the meantime, here are few things that can help OWN bounce back:

  1. The Oprah Effect. Where are you? Oprah’s presence on the network has been minimal. Considering that her endorsement can impact book sales by about 500%, it seems that more talk and public engagement from her end would certainly bump up viewership.
  2. Content. The potential for amazing, new (key word) shows is exciting – yet the current lineup gives us more “Dr. Phil” and “The Best of Trading Spaces.” While the list of shows continues to grow and the network does an impressive job of focusing on important social issues and offering advice for daily living, there should be more of what has made Oprah’s own show a success. Let’s see more on novel approaches, lifestyle challenges, humor, and the celebration of quality that we find in both our spirits – and yes, also our favorite (material) things.  Speaking of material things…
  3. Give me a car. You can’t blame a writer for trying. On a serious note, Oprah is known for creating media hype out the free-ying-yang with fabulous surprise giveaways. Why not provide more reasons for the audience to be in suspense? You are a master of the Ohh-la-la factor, momma. Bring it.

Understandably the expecations for Oprah are high, but like a Maya Angelou verse, we are pretty sure she can rise.

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