Outrage! Couple Taken to Court Over 'Vampire Diaries' Baby Name

Outrage! Couple Taken to Court Over 'Vampire Diaries' Baby Name We have seen some ridiculous court cases of late, but this one might be the strangest--and most unfair--one that I've ever heard.

Blandine and Lionel Defontaine, a French couple, are being prosecuted by French authorities over the fact that they named their baby Daemon. The Defontaines are big fans of "The Vampire Diaries," and thus decided to name their child after Ian Somerhalder's character on the show... the extra "e" in the name is to make it a little more French and less American.

Authorities claim that the couple was paying tribute to the devil with the name choice (yes, really) and that the name is "contrary to the interest of the child."

There has to be something lost in translation here. It's not like Damon is that uncommon a name in America, so for authorities to take things this far, the name must carry a lot more weight in France. And, French authorities must have never heard of Damon Lindelof, creator of "Lost."

In fact, Somerhalder himself tweeted as much: "What would @DamonLindelof say about this? He turned out alright...mostly ;)" wrote Somerhalder.

Aside from the fact that this poor couple should have the right to name their baby whatever they wish, it seems particularly unfair that one couple can be prosecuted for choosing the name Daemon, while others can name their kid Apple and get away with it.

Plus, Daemon Defontaine is a pretty cool name, is it not? It sounds a little more "True Blood" than "Vampire Diaries," but still, not bad.