Are Paris Hilton And 'The Hangover' Director Todd Phillips Dating?

Could this be the beginning of a relationship between bubbly socialite Paris Hilton and forty-year-old Todd Phillips, the director of the "The Hangover" movies? Considering the $548 million "The Hangover II" has taken in at the box office globally, Philips is certainly in the Hilton income bracket.

After being spotted last Thursday at the Roosevelt Hotel to see actor David Arquette's 'Beacher's Madhouse' show, one bystander said that Philips and "The World According to Paris" star were really enjoying each other's company, and kissing!

“They were getting very friendly and they didn’t mind who saw.  Paris couldn’t keep keep her hands off Todd, and he was loving the attention.  He looked like the cat who got the cream,” the source told The Daily Mail.

Could Phillips have been roofied?! Kidding!  After attending the party they headed over to the Chateau Marmont Hotel for drinks, where they were spotted leaving later – together.  Looks like Paris Hilton is over her ex- boyfriend Cy Waits.

The two just split up after a lengthy relationship just two weeks ago, asking for their privacy during the tough time.  Now that Paris had been spotted out and about with the "Due Date" helmer, Waits has since revealed to People Magazine that "this breakup is something I knew for a number of months needed to happen – and we finally saw eye to eye.”

Perhaps Waits was just a little put off by all of Paris' crazy stalkers (like the one who got arrested (again) earlier this week)?

Anyway, I guess Paris bounces back quicker than most if she's already dating Todd Phillips. Will they last, or is Paris just out playing the field again?