'Parks and Recreation' Season 4, Episode 18 Recap - 'Lucky'

'Parks and Recreation' Season 4, Episode 18 Recap - 'Lucky' One of the wonderful things about having a strong cast of characters like the ones on "Parks and Recreation" is that you can play with the endless possibilities of mixing and matching them in various situations. What, for example, do you think would happen if Ron and Chris went after the same woman?

That's exactly what happens when Andy passes his women's studies class and invites his professor, Linda, out to dinner with Ron and April, and they run into the perpetually lonely Chris at the restaurant. Chris spends the entire evening wooing Linda while Ron eats three steaks, but it's Ron who ends up taking her home.

The result? Ron has to fess up to Chris, and gets a hug. Is the one-way bromance between Chris and Ron advancing? One can only hope.

Speaking of advancement, Ann and Tom have now gone a record 48 hours without breaking up. Congrats, you crazy kids. Also, I am hating your storyline less and it seems the writers are having fun with it, so let's keep this train a-movin'.

The main story of the episode, though, is that of Leslie and her big interview with Buddy Wood (guest star Sean Hayes). Every candidate who has been interviewed by Buddy has gone on to win, so Leslie and Ben see it as a stroke of luck... until Buddy cancels the interview to cover an accident at a mitten factory.

But wait! His flight gets delayed, and Leslie heads to the airport to do the interview after all... only she spent the last few hours at the bar drinking with Ann and Tom, and conducts the interview quite drunk.

Drunk Leslie, as we've seen in the past, is a real treat. The "Snake Juice" episode remains one of the greatest for the sole reason that pretty much everyone in this cast is fantastic at acting drunk, and Amy Poehler might be the best of them all. However, Drunk Leslie is very bad at interviewing, so the whole thing is a disaster.

But thankfully, the airport workers are on Leslie's side, and "accidentally" lose Buddy's bag at the aiport. A little foreshadowing that Leslie has more support in Pawnee than we might think? Perhaps.

Notes & Quotes:

- "Are you hitting on Leslie for me?"

- Andy's treats while studying. Of course. And of course they're Cheetos. Love it.

- "Do you know who the president of the Boring Club is?" "Me?" "No, you lost the election because your speech was too boring."

- "Ben is like a MILF."

- "But what if superbaby became too powerful?"