Paul Reiser comes back to television with 'The Paul Reiser Show'

Paul Reiser As the holiday season winds down, the hype surrounding the new shows debuting in January begins. Mid-season replacement shows are not always doomed.

Look at "The Office," which debuted in March 2005 on NBC and became a mega hit. In the next few days, we'll take a look at some of the mid-season replacements for 2011, beginning with "The Paul Reiser Show" on NBC.

What its about: Paul Reiser plays himself, an actor who hasn't had a hit television series since the 90s. Reiser's hit "Mad About You" went off the air in 1999 after a successful run.

Who's in it:  Besides Reiser, not a lot of well-known names. Ben Shenkman may be a familiar face for his roles on "Damages" and "Grey's Anatomy" and he has been a top stage actor for many year. Viewers may recognize Duane Martin from his lead role in "All Of Us" which ran on UPN for four seasons. Amy Landecker, who has had a few guest spots on "Law & Order" has been cast as Reiser's wife.

Why it may be a hit: Paul Reiser is funny. He was great in "Mad About You." This could be his chance to shine without sharing top billing with a co-star.

However, the supporting cast must do it's part for the show to get a full-season pickup. However, will viewers relate to an out-of-work actor with so many others unemployed?

When it's on: The show is still awaiting an official premiere date from NBC. In the meantime, you can view a preview here.

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