Pawn Competitions, Craft Services, and Evictions: Spike TV's New Set of Reality Shows

Pawn Competitions, Craft Services, and Evictions: Spike TV's New Set of Reality Shows Can't get enough "Repo Games?" Don't worry, Spike TV just picked up six brand-new reality shows to help fuel your hunger for slightly silly, man-marketed, unscripted television.

SallyAnn Salsano, executive producer of "Jersey Shore," has a new way to approach the pawn shop reality show: make it a competition. Salsano is bringing "Pawn Games" to Spike, in which contestants can win back pawned objects.

"The Sheriff" is definitely a macho-fueled installment, as it follows specialist Tony Schiena as he helps to improve law-enforcement units across the country by re-teaching them some of the basics of hand-to-hand combat, driving, and other techniques.

"Hungry Men at Work" is an interesting concept: it visits some of the more unique and dangerous workplaces, such as oil rigs or forest firefighting units, but observes those environments through the eyes of the people who cook for them. It's "Dirty Jobs" with a dash of the Food Network.

"The Hustler" and "Auction in My House" follow a salesman and a team of antique dealers, respectively.

And finally, "World's Worst Tenants" follows an evictor in Los Angeles as he deals with--you guessed it--the world's worst tenants.

It's an interesting set of shows, but I think that Spike might be leaning too heavily on the cheap reality stuff. FX has made a great run of original scripted programming by going after the proper talent, proving that cable channels can start from just showing movies and make their own scripted stuff. Spike is really just becoming TruTV with some extra testosterone.

That being said, I do love a good episode of "Deadliest Warrior."

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