Photo: Hinting At Iconic 'Batman' Moment In 'The Dark Knight Rises?'

One doesn't want to jump to too many conclusions about whether this infamous moment from Batman's DC Comics history will make it into the movie . . . but at the very, very least, it's encouraging to see that Tom Hardy is familiar enough with a pivotal story event to at least have a little fun with it while mugging for a camera.

It's been hinted that at some point during "The Dark Knight Rises," Batman (Christian Bale) will suffer some major injury. That could be anything. But photos picked up by suggest that Hardy's powerhouse villain Bane just might get to perform a famous single attack known simply as "Break The Bat."

For the uninitiated, checkout the original panel of it from 1993's "The Man Who Broke The Bat" issue below, in which Bane slams Batman across his back and leaves him a paraplegic, writing Bruce Wayne as Batman almost completely out of the series for some time.

Throughout his time on the series so far, Nolan has wedged in several lines and moments that would be more recognizable to long-time Batman fans than any other viewers. In fact, the scene late in "The Dark Knight" when The Joker falls from the Prewitt building mirrors the villain's very first storyline in Batman #1, going clear back to Spring 1940. Other moments have lifted from beloved series like "The Dark Knight Returns" and "The Long Halloween."

But as pointed out when posting the photos today, it's entirely possible that Hardy being shown here practicing the literally back-breaking move upon a crew member could just be Hardy having some fun.

If it's not, though, and it is in the movie, Nolan may show that he's got a commitment to the source material's history no director before has had and that no director after him may match.