PHOTO: Naomi Watts Is A Spitting-Image Princess Diana

So for all the chatter surrounding Lindsay Lohan trying to capture the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime's "Liz & Dick," there's this other biopic zeroed in on a love affair that's flying further beneath the radar.

That's too bad. This one boasts an honest-to-goodness Oscar nominee.

To look upon this still from now-filming "Caught In Flight" (thanks, E! Online), it's apparent that English-born Naomi Watts' casting as the late, tragic Princess Diana of Wales will engender a lot less grumbling than Lohan's as Taylor. Currently in pre-production and due in 2013, "Caught In Flight" tells the story of the romance between the mother of Princes Harry and William with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan.

The role was originally destined for Jessica Chastain, but went to Watts when Chastain ran into scheduling conflicts.

"It is such an honor to be able to play this iconic role," Watts said this past February. "Princess Diana was loved across the world and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her onscreen."

Diana dated Khan for nearly two years following her August 1996 divorce from Prince Charles, before Khan and Diana ended their relationship in 1997 not long before her death. Several of Diana's closest friends have called him "the love of her life."

At the very, very least, the "21 Grams" and "King Kong" star absolutely looks the part.