Sneak Peek: Check Out Photos From the Set of 'Men In Black III'

I like to consider myself the type who "has to see it to believe it." That's a good thing. Not only do I consider that a healthy level of skepticism, but when I don't want to believe something is actually happening, it lets me prolong the denial a little longer.

Well, for the pleasure of people who are genuinely excited about "Men in Black III" being in production, I slit my denial's throat upon your altar.

I really loved the first movie. It was funny, action-filled, original and just a good movie that I can watch anytime. "Men in Black II?" That just felt unnecessary, and it wasn't very good. Here we are now, over a decade later, and awaiting the arrival of "Men In Black III." Really? This isn't "Ghostbusters" we're talking about here, a franchise that's so legendary, so beloved, that we're actually excited and curious about the long-rumored third movie.

This is "Men In Black." Is it really as relevant now in 2011 as it was way back in the late '90s?

In any case, we can't any longer deny that it's going to happen. The blog Faded Youth has leaked some early photos showing Will Smith and Josh Brolin on-set donning the famous dark duds. In this installment, which once more will feature Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, but also Brolin as a younger K, evil aliens use time travel to journey back and assassinate a younger K, alter MIB history and end the world.

The film will also star Emma Thompson, Rip Torn, Alice Eve and Jermaine Clement, and hits theaters May 25, 2012.

Behind the Scenes of "Men In Black III":