Play the Addictive 'Wreck-It Ralph' Video Game, 'Fix-It Felix'

Just a few days ago, we showed you the trailer for "Wreck-It Ralph," the latest movie from Disney. The movie seems be a game-changer for the company, though, as the unique story makes you think more of Pixar than Disney (meanwhile Pixar is doing a run-of-the-mill princess story with "Brave"... what's going on here?).

The concept behind "Wreck-It Ralph" is that video game villains aren't really as bad as everyone thinks they are. Ralph isn't anyway: in fact, he really wants to be a hero. So he sets off into the gaming world and starts trying out different games to see if he can fit in somewhere else.

Of course, this means that there are a number of fictional video games in the movie, one of them being Ralph's own gig, "Fix-It Felix." Disney, in a clever marketing strategy, has made Fix-It Felix into a game that you can play for free on the movie's website, and it's actually pretty fun!

The game is a bit similar to Donkey Kong, or like the opposite of Rampage. You play as Felix, who has to fix all the windows that Ralph is constantly breaking. Avoid barrels and ducks, eat pies, and yell obscenties at Ralph when he breaks a window you just fixed (that last part is optional).

Head to the Disney website to play Fix-It Felix Jr.

I scored over 114,000, post your scores in the comments!  Can you beat that?