'Playing For Keeps' Trailer. Gratuitous Gerard Butler? Yes, Please!

The trailer for the new Gerard Butler movie is out, and don’t worry, there’s plenty of those bright eyes and cocky smile to last you two hours.

Oh, and soccer. It’s about soccer, or something too.

With the rather simper-y title of “Playing for Keeps,” the movie looks to promise some “aww” moments, but maybe a few over-the-top inspired grimaces as well.

On the heels of his surfer flick, “Chasing Mavericks,” Butler’s back in another sporty role, this time as ex-soccer pro George Dryer, who can’t seem to bring himself up out of the dumps, professionally or personally.

He takes a gig coaching his son’s soccer league, and sparks a lot of attention from the soccer moms in the stands, notably Catherine Zeta-Jones, who takes a… personal interest… in raising him up. Professionally and personally.

Appearances are also made by big-name stars Uma Thurman and Dennis Quaid, with just a hint of Judy Greer with her standard sassy expression.

Jessica Biel also shows up, as his ex and mother of his son, to smile big and frown sternly at all the right heartfelt moments, but my jury’s out on chemistry between the couple.

The trailer plays up their relationship, and the traditional dramatics of I lost her, I love her, but oh, no, will she marry another?

Hopefully the love plot will translate better on screen, because that story has been run into the ground, and no matter how much we love looking at Butler, he can’t save every film. I’m talking to you, “The Ugly Truth.”

So see it if you love soccer, or if you just love watching a pretty man strut around in a towel. So far, beyond eye candy, I’m a little hesitant to spend ten bucks and two hours of my life on this.

However, I do have great faith in the cast, and if they saw something good in the script, then I’ll put my trust in Zeta-Jones and pony up.

Check out the trailer below: