Pregnant Snooki Leaves 'Jersey Shore' House (Thank God)

Pregnant Snooki Leaves 'Jersey Shore' House (Thank God) I think most of us who have seen "Jersey Shore" can agree that Snooki getting pregnant is a bad idea. But here's a mark under the "good idea" column: she's not going to live with The Situation.

Yes, it looks like the pint-sized princess of pina coladas (j/k, she drinks straight tequila) has decided to move out of the "Jersey Shore" house while she's pregnant, according to THR. Considering the sheer amount of drinking, yelling and glass bottle throwing that happens in that house during the course of a season, that's a great parenting decision on Snooki's part. Congratulations, Snooki! Gold star for you!

That leaves the question of what that means for "Jersey Shore" season 6, which has been given the go-ahead by MTV. Will Snooki still be a part of the cast? For now, the answer looks to be yes, but she will just be living in a different house nearby. Surely the producers will want to get her involved with the cast more often than ancillary characters like Roger, Jionni or The Unit (yeah, there's a guy called The Unit), but the stresses of being on camera 24/7 would likely be too much for Snooki.

However, the early part of Snooki's pregnancy is already on film, as the "Jersey Shore" spin-off "Snooki & JWOWW" premieres this summer on MTV, and was filmed in part after Snooki got her big news.

So, all this is good news for the baby. With any luck, it won't come out of the womb looking to GTL right away. I hear tanning beds aren't great for newborns.

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