Episode 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2, Episode 1 - 'It's Alive' Recap

Episode  'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2, Episode 1 - 'It's Alive' Recap Disappearing bodies, creepy cops, shady therapists, no privacy ever!  Oh, show I’m so glad you’re back.

We pick up right where we left off with the whole town gathered round the bell tower where Ian’s dead body suddenly isn’t.  Good cop Garrett drives the little liars to the Rosewood PD for yet another round of questioning but stops along the way to make sure the girls are going to keep their mouths shut about Ian’s peeping Tom video library (which includes years (YEARS!) of footage of the girls and Allison) and their attempt to blackmail him about it.

Garrett is still smooching and conspiring with Jenna and so it remains unclear if he’s out to help or harm our main players.

Everyone crashes at Spencer’s and in the morning they find all of their parents waiting downstairs, not so much worried about Spencer’s attempted murder and Ian’s obvious guilt, but rather concerned about how the whole situation looks to other people.  The girls are ordered to begin some seriously necessary therapy.

In this episode, the fashion is all relatively tame which on this show is how you know things are about to get majorly effed.

At school the next morning everyone is whispering about our girls, leaving hilariously unkind hangman chalkboard graffiti in their classrooms and basically calling them crazy attention whores to their faces.

Also, Noel Kahn is back from suspension and all sassy-like, giving lip to both Aria and Mr. Fitz.  Plus, he's apparently now dating Mona -- certainly a lot of potential troublemaking could come from this pairing.  But not as much trouble as Mr. Fitz is going to bring down upon himself if he keeps trying to process his break-up with Aria in the classroom.  Ugh.

Later, the girls meet with their new therapist Anne.  Could she be the omnipotent, text-happy A?  Probably not, but the A-name is still a nice touch.  They are ready to come clean to Anne about the mysterious A when they see that A him/herself has planted Mr. Fitz’s college diploma on the therapist’s shelf as a warning.

With this move, it’s official.  There is literally no place on earth where these girls aren’t under surveillance.  After they awkwardly get the hell out of there, therapist Anne calls all their parents and recommends that they be forbidden to see each other for a while.

That doesn’t stop them from answering Spencer’s S.O.S. when she discovers a text message on her sister’s phone that seems to be from a very much alive and shady Ian.  Dun! Dun! Dun!

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