'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap - 'Picture This'

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap - 'Picture This' While Aria is sleeping in and having weird switcheroo sex dreams about Ezra and Jason, the other little liars have dressed up like candy stripers yet again in order to nonchalantly hang out in the corridor outside the hospital morgue.

They do not find the missing page from Allison’s autopsy report but they do happen to see blind Jenna strolling by talking loudly about an operation that could restore her sight. Silent, wide-eyed looks of shock and alarm are exchanged. Or maybe that’s just a side effect of the entire pot of coffee Spencer no doubt forced them to drink before this little escapade of espionage.

Later that morning, Emily disposes of every bottle of lotion she and Hannah have since they are all potentially poisoned with steroids by A, who is constantly reminding her of her controversial lab results via text. On a happier note Samarra shows up with cupcakes and a kiss (finally!).  Hannah’s mom walks in on them, introduces herself and offers to let them have their teenage lesbian poker night at the house. She follows this up with a short but awesome convo with Emily, in which she makes sure to let her know that she should feel free to be (her actual queer) self at home.

She then lays down the same dating rules she has for Hannah. Take note parents/guardians of queer kids everywhere --- this is how it’s done. You don’t need a whole new blueprint to handle your queer kids dating – act like it’s normal. Because it actually is.

Except when comes to Ezra and Aria. She shows up at Hollis and initiates some office hours sex in order to repent for the fact that she can’t stop secretly dreaming about Jason DiLaurentis. Ezra is happy about the on-the-job lovin’ but senses that something is up. He tries to engage Aria about it but she neatly evades him with shrill claims of happiness and a vending machine picnic dinner.

Meanwhile, Spencer is doing her usual afterschool recon in the wealthy white people forest that lies between her house and the DiLaurentis property. Hilariously, she is sleuthing around in the bushes wearing a bright red top with a deer on it. Subtle! Anyways, she sees Jason get all rage-y on one of his yard workers when they try to go in his shed. He yells a bunch about how no one goes in the shed! Ever! And then hides his key in plain sight.

So of course Spencer’s next move is to break into that shed ASAP. She recruits Emily to help her but sadly no candy striper outfits are involved on this mission. As it turns out the shed is Jason’s darkroom. A closer look by our liars reveals that he has only one subject and that is Aria.  The place is filled with pictures of her, including ones of her at home sleeping in bed. The creepy factor gets kicked up to 11 when the girls find a bunch of surveillance equipment as well. Jason comes home and they haul ass out of there, sloppily dropping a flashlight on their way out.

Before they can tell Aria about her nonconsensual muse status, Jason puts the moves on her and they kiss. She’s into it for a minute but then breaks it off, telling him she has a boyfriend. Since none of the these girls ever has privacy, Jenna and Officer Garrett are watching the whole thing, whispering again some more about how Jason better not remember/tell anyone, especially Aria about That Night.

Next week, it looks like Jason is A, but I’m betting it won’t be that simple.

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