'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Must Confess'

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap - 'I Must Confess' Emily gets a text in the middle of the night from" A" and bolts out quickly in her car, not telling anybody where she's going. After taking an inexplicably vigorous jog, she heads into Dr. Sullivan's office to tell her everything, only to find all the other girls are there.

Turns out "A" has texted Emily a picture of Aria making out with Ezra and tells her to forward it to Ella to get off of the "A" hook.

The girls tell Dr. Sullivan how "A is everywhere, constantly on us, like a shadow," and she asks them why they haven't told anyone else. They decide to keep that part of the secret to themselves.

Hannah's Grandma Regina (Betty Buckley - the mamma from "Eight Is Enough" and the gym teacher from "Carrie" - yikes!) comes to town for Tom's wedding and pays the girls a visit.

She's come to take Hannah to a lunch, but she's supposedly mistakenly got the wrong day - oh, and she "needs to wipe the dew from her lilly." Zoinks.

Mike is still pissed off, and when Ella tries to take his laptop, he pushes her away and ends up hurting her wrist. Hurting women is a very bad idea, Mikey. Aria's mom makes her promise to keep quiet about the incident, so Mike's dad won't put him on soul-crushing pharmaceuticals.

Speaking of incidents, Hanna's step-sister Kate plots a doozy. Coyly acting as if she is making amends, she offers Hanna some booze, gets her hammered, and leaves her alone in the bathroom with the wedding dress she's supposed to be keeping an eye on. Nothing says love like a vomit-stained wedding dress.

Luckily, Grandma "Lilly D" sees through Kate's dastardly deeds and deflects some heat from the situation for Hanna.

Emily and Ashley talk about relationships, and Em ends up inspired enough to call up her ex Maya.

Meanwhie back at the ranch, Spencer and Toby are going at it in Spencer's truck (under the watchful eye of Jason) when they spy a couple shadows watching them.

Spencer rushes outside, where she's met by her father. It turns out Daddy Hastings had falsified the will, back-dating it to include Jason after Grandma Hastings had disowned him for trying to sell a prized family heirloom for a big ol' bag o' drugs.

When they get word from Dr. Sullivan that she's figured out who A is (based on some evidence regarding "nosey bitches"), the girls go to visit her in her office, and...you know what's coming next.

Dr. Sullivan is "A"udi 5000.