'Project Runway's' Tim Gunn Refuses to Dress MTV's Snooki or Amber Portwood

'Project Runway's' Tim Gunn Refuses to Dress MTV's Snooki or Amber Portwood Project Runway’s fashion guru Tim Gunn has some strong ideas about what will NOT happen during next season’s show.  Tim recently spoke about what he sees for the future of the show and is explicit that it won’t include badly behaved stars from MTV or other channels.

Typically, show producers will pull in other popular actors or ‘pop icons’ from the time to draw a bigger audience for the show. But there are lines and this appears to be one where Tim won’t budge from.

Gunn told AOL StyleList "We're not dressing Snooki, we're not doing any of that stuff. I will throw down the gauntlet."

The fashion icon apparently also refuses to "make it work" with another MTV reality show star, Amber Portwood of "Teen Mom."

"I do nothing that mitigates bad behavior, I want an end to it," he said.

I wonder what the host Heidi Klum thinks?

Maybe she would like to see Snooki or Amber get dressed on the show. That way, they may have something decent to cover all of their bodies! Do you think it is fair that Tim is calling these girls badly behaved, when there are certainly badly behaved men around them as well?

Working the Red Carpet

In other Tim Gunn news, the bespectacled style afficionado will interview celebrities and comment on red carpet fashions during guest arrivals at this year's Academy Awards alongside co-host Robin Roberts.

Gunn will appear on the pre-Oscars show, running on February 27th, right before the Academy Awards on ABC.

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