Queen Of England Is The Best Wedding-Crasher Ever

Really, do tell....how exactly would you kick her out?

If you or I just randomly dropped in at a wedding, even if just to wish the happy couple our best, we'd get thrown out. Hell, if Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson dropped in, they'd....well, they'd be hit up for autographs, then possibly thrown out.

Just how exactly does one throw out the Queen of England?

Queen Elizabeth II was in the neighborhood of northern England's Manchester Town Hall Friday with her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. As long as the pair had a lunch date, they decided just for funsies to drop in the nuptials of John and Frances Canning, reports the Associated Press.

As a gag, the pair had previously written Buckingham Palace and invited the regal pair previously when the groom learned the Queen would be visiting around that time. After the couple respectfully declined, royal officials secretly arranged the surprise appearance at the ceremony.

"It was very special - it was so lovely that she took the trouble to speak to us," Frances told The (U.K.) Sun.

John descriped Philip, with whom he chatted personally for a bit while the pair posed for wedding photos, as a "charming fella." It was humbling enough for his bride that the Queen addressed the pair by their first names, as familiars.

"She said I looked lovely and she wanted to wish us all the best for the future," Frances said. "We're going to have to get a bigger wedding album now. Not many people will have pictures like that."

What do you suppose they got the newlyweds for a gift? Our guess? They seem like "blender" people.