Regis Abandons Twitter After Tweeter Rips Him (VIDEO)

Regis Abandons Twitter After Tweeter Rips Him (VIDEO) Like a tweet out of hell, Regis Philbin has flown on and off the social networking site Twitter.

Philbin reports he’s already over the service after finally learning how to use it only a month ago. On “Live with Regis and Kelly” Philbin explained he tweeted about an Atlantic City appearance and the first tweet he got back said, “Will you stop begging and pleading for people to come and see you?! Grow up! You're an idiot!”

It’s unclear how Philbin feels about Facebook. A search for his name will produce several pages, but the most popular page, with 2,970 “Likes”, shares only one paragraph of communication – a biography from Wikipedia.

On the other side of the talkshow coffee table, Regis' co-host has a twitter account devoted to her arm muscles. KellyRipasBicep has 4,797 followers.

Clearly not created by Ripa, the harsh bio for the account reads: "The two arms of a daytime television host, compensating for a woman who tied up too much of her self worth in her beauty only to have it fade at a young age."

With posts like that, it's hard to judge Philbin for leaving.

Watch Philbin swear off Twitter, here:

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