Remember Alf? He's Back....In Movie-Form (Well, He Will Be)

Remember Alf? He's Back....In Movie-Form (Well, He Will Be) Did you love "Alf?" Do you love movies?

Your day? Made.

Sony Pictures Animation apparently isn't stopping at "The Smurfs." The studio has made a deal that will bring the beloved 1980's sitcom about a wiseacre extra-terrestrial fuzz-ball living with suburbanites into its next TV-to-film alchemy project, The Hollywood Reporter claims.

Paul Fusco may have scooped up the sweetest slice of the whole deal. He's not only agreed to produce alongside "Alf" series creator Tom Patchett and "The Smurfs" movie producer Jordan Kerner, but looks also to return to voicing the titular alien. Despite no director or writer yet attached, THR claims "Alf" will follow the "Smurfs"/"Yogi Bear" CGI-and-live-action model.

Obviously, with so few pieces yet in place, no word has yet arisen about a possible target release.

It's been all but established by this point that we all have better chances of winning a Nigerian national lottery than finding a confluence of TV-to-film adaptations that do justice to their source material. There's a "Leave It To Beaver" or "Rocky & Bullwinkle" for every "The Addams Family" or "Get Smart" out there.

But in this case, Sony can fall back on its track record for justification. Despite a widespread chorus of "What the smurf is this bull-smurf?", the studio's 2011 CG/live-action "The Smurfs" starring Sofia Vergara, Jayma Mays, Neil Patrick Harris and Hank Azaria with the voice talents of Katy Perry, Jonathan Winters, Fred Armisen and others ultimately grossed $563.7 million overall and won its opening weekend.

Might we add, it's earned a whopping 23-percent "rotten" rating on

Still....the money. That sweet, sweet money.

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