Report: Russell Brand Wants Katy Perry Back

Seeing someone else's arms hold someone you love will play havoc with almost any man. Fame makes no difference.

Hollywood Life reports that with Russell Brand having now come to grips with his mistakes, the "Get Him To The Greek" and "Brand X" comedian wants ex-wife Katy Perry back. The "Firework" and "Teenage Dream" singer divorced Brand this past February 14 months after marrying, complete with Brand waiving all claims to a portion of Perry's $44 million net worth. How things change: a source reportedly told Grazia Daily that Brand, 37, couldn't bear photos of Perry, 27, getting cozy with Florence + The Machine's Robert Ackroyd at April's Coachella festival.

"He apparently feels he gave up on their relationship too easily," the source said. "It's fair to say that Russell only wishes Katy happiness but perhaps he should have realized just how special his wife was when he was married to her rather than five months later."

Originally, it was a combination of major hurdles that pulled the two apart: Perry's 14-month tour schedule strained the pair's closeness, and Brand being a recovering addict came with its own issues to bear out.

It's sometimes just the ways of life: two people can love each other madly, and there's little one could ask that the other would deny - but sometimes, the timing is just all wrong. Others, the two just seem doomed to love one another, but never within a romantic relationship together.