'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap - 'That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me'

'Ringer' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap - 'That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me'

This week “Ringer” goes out with a bang (pun fully intended) for its midseason finale. The episode was action packed and filled with so many double crosses it got hard to keep track of everything happening.

I have to give “Ringer” it’s due, I might not be fully emotionally invested in its characters, but I always want to see what’s going to happen next. It’s like a train wreck with very pretty people trying to murder each other, which is the best kind of train wreck. The show has really grown a lot over the half season of its life. It started out as a cheesy CGI boat ride and now is more of a murder filled rollercoaster.

There is one complaint I have about the episode, however, because this was the completely wrong episode to feature a cameo from the excellent former “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” actress Amber Benson.

I’m sure there were many Tara fans excited at the prospect of Benson’s guest starring role on the show, as well as the possibility of her sharing screen time with former costar Sarah Michelle Gellar. Instead, she showed up for approximately five seconds in a flashback and then turned up face down on a grotty motel carpet. Thanks for stopping by!

Otherwise the episode was full of double crosses, unfortunate hair choices and multiple murders, making for a pretty fun viewing experience. Charlie double crosses Siobhan in Paris as Siobhan is desperately trying to get back Tyler with a phony domestic abuse story to exploit him further. Of course, by the end of the episode she’s convinced him that her lovechild is actually his so I wouldn’t say adieu to Tyler just yet.

Charlie then bounces over to try blackmailing the fake Siobhan Martin, who is working together with Malcolm to get Charlie/John arrested after they realize the phone he stole from the apartment in the last episode actually belongs to Gemma. Got all that? Me neither. Explaining the things that happened in this episode adequately would require a flow chart the size of those huge touch screen monitors in CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

Malcolm is arrested when John leads the police astray and John has enough time to blackmail Bridget for $250,000 dollars to save Gemma’s life. It seems like a pretty small amount of money considering there is a guy trying to blackmail the kids on “Gossip Girl” for $500,000 without murder involved. Dream bigger, John.

Meanwhile, in other subplots Henry’s hair is horrible and he’s pissed so basically it’s just another day in Henry’s life.

Agent Mascara is almost as upset as I am about the unceremonious offing of Amber Benson and realizes that Macawi must have a man on the inside. He figures out pretty quickly and yet with optimal dramatics who the mole is and seems closer to realizing Bridget’s flight was somewhat justified.

While all this is going on, Juliet is still hitting on her English teacher Mr. Logan Echolls in a way that is so obnoxious that even her friend thinks she should take it down a notch. In fact, after Juliet hits on Mr. Carpenter her friend says “He hates you” with so much glee in her voice that she automatically becomes my new favorite character.

But this is all a ruse so that the final swerve of her storyline will hit all the harder. After dismissing Juliet’s new awesome friend during an afterschool detention cleanup, Mr. Carpenter apparently forces himself on Juliet. She confesses this tearfully to her friend via video chat and I’m for once glad that the show pulled back and didn’t show us what happened.

This is a hard episode for all of our characters, but especially hard for Charlie/John and Gemma. After Henry sees “Charlie” leaving the Martin’s apartment he calls the police, which ruins Bridget and Andrew’s plan to trade off her insane anniversary diamond in exchange for Gemma. This leads to Charlie shooting Gemma right in the face in his trunk.

But wait, Gemma’s not dead because she has as many lives as a killer in a horror movie or Kenny on “South Park”. Unfortunately for her, the next time he doesn’t miss and it looks like Gemma is finally dead once and for all. Unless she’s still alive, which is always a possibility for someone who can get shot in the face and then walk it off.

Finally Siobhan has had enough of Charlie’s insubordination and flies down from Paris to take care of business. Charlie doesn’t think she has it in her to kill him, but considering she’s bashing herself in the face with mirrors these days I wouldn’t put much past her. It turns out to be Charlie’s mistake when she shoots him and then makes it look like he committed suicide. We all have different talents in life and apparently Siobhan’s is faking suicides.

As the episode draws to a close, Bridget is super bummed about the murder of her fake best friend Gemma. Malcolm is just super excited about getting his stuff out of Charlie’s murder apartment. This is when Bridget finds an envelope with Siobhan’s name on it and some Paris information, which gets the wheels in her head to start turning. She explains that this whole hit on Siobhan has to be about more than just money as Siobhan vows to stay in New York for a little while.

The split screen between the two siblings in classic “Ringer”: campy, funny, overly-dramatic and oddly exciting.

When “Ringer” returns Bridget and Siobhan get more hardcore and Bridget punches Mr. Carpenter right in his smug face. Until January 10th, let’s have a moment of silence for Gemma, who spent most of her time on this show tied up in a basement.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you blink and miss Amber Benson? Will you miss Gemma? What is Siobhan planning? Sound off in the comments!

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