Robert De Niro from Little Fockers has died fifteen times

photo: courtesy

Most movie fans will remember at least a few movies with Robert De Niro where the actor's character has passed away at some point during the movie. However, a recent poll has revealed that the actor may have died on screen more times than many people realise, although hardened De Niro fans will probably be on the money when it comes to naming how many times he has died in his movies.

A survey into the number of on screen deaths amongst Hollywood actors was recently carried out by Cha Cha, and Robert De Niro, who is used to topping various polls and winning awards, received the dubious honour of coming top of the poll for having the highest number of on screen deaths out of all Hollywood actors.

The poll showed that De Niro had died an astonishing fifteen times in his on screen roles, and these include the hit movies Jackie Brown and Heat. Of course, De Niro, who has starred in many movies, including his current hit Little Fockers with Ben Stiller, Barbara Streisand, Owen Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, and a number of other stars, has managed to 'survive' in many other movies, so it's not always a sorry ending for the star.

Second on the poll, having notched up an impressive eleven on screen deaths, was Bruce Willis, star of the Die Hard movies and The Sixth Sense amongst many others. In third place, with ten on screen deaths to his name, was Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp.