Video: Robert Pattinson Gets Consolation (and Ice Cream) from Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'

Video: Robert Pattinson Gets Consolation (and Ice Cream) from Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' Jon Stewart must have heard about how Kristen Stewart was dealing with the big breakup by eating ice cream: he offered the same treat to Robert Pattinson on "The Daily Show."

Yes, Pattinson made his first post-breakup TV appearance Monday night on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," and the humorous host didn't pass up the opportunity to make a joke or two. When Pattinson came out on to the set, Stewart blithely asked him, "So, what have you been up to?" He then offered Pattinson a pint of Ben & Jerry's and said that they were "just a couple of gals talking."

That eased the tension a bit, and Stewart took the time to briefly touch on the breakup with some sincerity: "When you're young, a breakup can be powerful and really feel like the end of the world," he said. "And we've seen the world react like that." Pattinson laughed, but Stewart continued, "I just hope that you can handle your business and your personal life in private."

From there, Stewart and Pattinson moved on to the subject of "Cosmopolis," and the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal was left behind.

There will probably be a many Twihards who think that the topic shouldn't have been brought up at all, but wouldn't that have been worse? Ignoring something that everyone knows happened makes the room uncomfortable, and Stewart, having a background in stand-up comedy, knows that would have made the audience reticent to laugh with Pattinson and give him honest reactions.

Really, it's a good thing that Pattinson made this his first stop. You can bet the folks at "Good Morning America" are going to poke and prod a lot more.

Check out the interview below:

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