Will Robert Pattinson Miss 'Twilight?'

So, “Twilight” is winding down. “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” has hit the theater, and Twihards everywhere are mourning the end of the saga.

But is major star Robert Pattinson going to cry into his much-bitten pillow over the loss of his career-making role as Edward Cullen?

Not right now, that’s for sure.

"In a year, I think I'll definitely miss it. It's such a strange experience,” the hottie said of creating the series, when interviewed during the “Breaking Dawn” premiere.

Sounds like code to me.

“That's why I waited to see the movie until tonight. It's such a different thing seeing it with the fans instead of on a DVD or whatever. It was incredibly overwhelming, the first one. I mean, it felt like you were getting hit by a truck. This one, you kind of know what the deal is. You know nothing really weird is going to happen."

Pattinson will remain a busy man even away from “Twilight.”

"This year I'm thinking I should probably try to do a movie which at least one person will see," he says, "so I'm trying to figure that out now,” he joked.

Imdb.com has the actor listed for five films marked as “pre-production.” It won’t be long before that chiseled face is hitting the big screen again, ladies.

Regarding his fame, Pattinson says, "Maybe I feel like I don't particularly deserve it yet, so I really want to do something worthwhile in my head and struggle for a long time.”

So say goodbye to Edward, and expect that, after spending from QT with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, he’ll be back in Hollywood playing someone deep and troubled so Pattinson can finally accept his own success.