Robert Pattinson to play lead role in Cronenberg's Cosmopolis

The year 2011 looks like a lucky year for Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson who was chosen to play the lead role of the new movie Cosmopolis to be directed by Canadian director David Cronenberg.  He is cast in the role of the Eric Parker character, Cosmopolis will also star Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard as Parker's wife and Oscar-nominee Paul Giamatti as one of Parker's two stalkers.
Well-known US writer Don DeLillo is the author of Cosmopolis and the story is about a day in the life of Eric Parker, a 28-year old billionaire asset manager whose objective for the day is to get haircut across town and to pursue a challenging bet against the yen while riding in his limousine. Cosmopolis depicts how a man of power and money faces his downfall in the midst of political and financial turmoil.
Pattinson will still be working for the two-part finale of the vampire franchise as Edward Cullen. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be release in US theaters on November 18, 2011.
The matinee idol is also busy with his upcoming depression era romantic movie “Water for Elephants” with actress Reese Witherspoon. In this movie, Pattinson plays the character of Jacob a veterinary student who joins a travelling circus and become their vet after his parent’s death.
Witherspoon described Pattinson as “extremely attractive,” an obvious description and fans already knew that.
Here is what director Francis Lawrence has to say about Pattinson as an actor. This statement was an excerpt from
“When I sat down with Rob, I found that despite his success, there was a real sense of humility with him. I found that he was kind of uncomfortable in his own skin, and maybe even un-comfortable with everything that was happening to him. Rob is a very sensitive guy who very much loves animals.”
Having a sense of humility despite his success and popularity is something. No wonder, director Cronenberg favored him to take the lead role in Cosmopolis.
“Water for Elephants” will be in theaters this April.