Robert Pattinson Shacks Up With Reese Witherspoon

Robert Pattinson seems to be getting around these days.

After recently being placed in England, chain smoking and swilling liquor like a true gentleman, new reports are saying that Pattinson’s back in good ol’ ‘Merica and seeking refuge from the onslaught of attention with “Water for Elephants” co-star, Reese Witherspoon.

Since Witherspoon is expecting first child with new husband Jim Toth, from the looks of it, like any moment now, rumors of any romance between Witherspoon and the “Twilight” actor are kind of a stretch.

Hiding on the mega-starlet’s Ojai, California ranch is supposedly allowing Pattinson some respite and relaxation. With sources saying the newly separated actor is “a mess,” we imagine that it will be easier to sort through his issues out of the eyes of the raging public.

And spending some time in the huge pool and admiring the gorgeous, ELLE-featured rustic décor of the ranch certainly won’t hurt, either.

Since Witherspoon went through a public dissection after news came out that now ex-husband Ryan Phillippe had been doing the nasty with Abbie Cornish, the tiny blonde can relate to Rob’s conundrum.

The actress reportedly reached out to Pattinson and invited him to her home, where she and Toth are giving him the space and support, and, most importantly, the quiet, he needs.

“She’s not trying to lead Rob one way or the other regarding his future with Kristen,” leaks an insider.

So will this escape be the chance Pattinson needs to work out his feelings (maybe a possible reconciliation) with apologetic ex, Stewart?

Time will tell. And, for now, at least Pattinson can count on Witherspoon’s super huge belly for blocking those pesky paparazzi photos.