Robert Pattinson Wants to Confront Rupert Sanders About Kristen. Is There Still Hope?

Because no one has had quite enough of the break-up dramatics yet, more information is coming forward about the devastated Robert Pattinson’s search for closure.

We’ve followed this disaster from the moment the you-know-what hit the fan, but Pattinson has remained intriguingly mute on the subject. Having just removed himself from the house he and Stewart shared, one can expect he’s a little too preoccupied to be making sweeping public statements and sending frowny face Tweets.

But, new rumor has it the broken-hearted Brit is gearing up to go straight to the source for some clear answers.

While still not interested in speaking to his sulky-face “Twilight” co-star and ex, insiders close to the star say Pattinson wants to approach “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders himself.

“Rob wants to have a man-to-man chat with Rupert to find out exactly what happened between him and Kristen,” leaks a friend of the actor. “He feels like he needs to know exactly what happened, how far it went and how many times, so he can figure out if this is something he can move past.”

So does this mean a flicker of hope remains? Can we mend the split and reunite the pasty duo?

Perhaps. Stewart clearly wants to work it out, but Pattinson is “going through the typical stages of being cheated on.”

Which, at this early juncture, probably involves more whiskey and crying to the radio than rational discussion.

So, what will Sanders say to this approach? Reportedly Pattinson believes the director has too much to lose to lie, unlike Stewart, and will reveal the truth of the affair.

Will Sanders cover his you-know-what enough that we can expect a happy reconciliation between our favorite undead couple?

And most importantly, will Twihards ever be able recover from the shock of the news enough to forgive Stewart’s, ahem, indiscretions, if they do?