Robert Pattinson's Reason For 'Twilight': Kristen Stewart

For all the snark from critics and the films' uniquely polarized audiences, the "Twilight" on-screen legacy bears some intrigue surrounding what might have been.

While taking to the media promoting "The Hunger Games," star Jennifer Lawrence revealed it could've well been she and not Kristen Stewart that took up the Bella Swan mantle. Of course, Lawrence grew skittish about protecting her private life and passed up the role, while eventually becoming Katniss Everdeen in the Lionsgate franchise.adapting Suzanne Collins' novel trilogy.

There's likewise a related "What if...?" scenario regarding Stewart's boyfriend and co-romantic lead Robert Pattinson: since Stewart nearly didn't have the opportunity to become Bella, it bears some weight that Pattinson revealed recently at the Cannes Film Festival why he even considered playing beleaguered, mopey Edward.

"The reason I did 'Twilight' in the first place was because I saw [Stewart] in 'Into The Wild'," 26-year-old Pattinson said of his 22-year-old main squeeze, who he calls an indie "go-to-girl" before "Twilight" was a glittering dollar sign in anyone's eye.

Judging from the candid interview, Pattinson's respect for his lady's ability runs very, very deep. He claims that since "Twilight" has become such a phenomenon, her early work is often forgotten or overlooked but in his eyes, just as impressive.

To hear why, check out the interview below.