'Robot Chicken' Season 5, Episode 11 Recap - 'Beastmaster and Commander'

'Robot Chicken' Season 5, Episode 11 Recap - 'Beastmaster and Commander' We're back! It's alive! Bawk!

To start things off, an important lesson: never trust a wish-granting zebra. And buy Veringular, I hear their coverage is awesome.

Nice misdirection on the lasagna, there. Almost made up for all the puns in the CHiPs bit that followed. Almost. Man, now I want some Pringles.

The "Bieber is a lesbian" joke is a little tired, but the song itself is tops. I'd like to see all of those lyrics written out. All I caught was "bicycles, lemonade, Game Boy" and some stuff about Skittles.

Sinestro is a dick! And speaking of dicks, Hal Jordan has a great new idea for how to use that power ring.

Footloose and Peanuts and Flashdance, all mashed up into one mostly irrelevant sketch. Good lord. But fun fact: that was actually Kevin Bacon's voice.

Aww why ya gotta get on Junkyard Dog's case?

Bloopers is back! And it's gotten even sadder and creepier than usual. "Stop mocking me," echoes through an empty theater. And Stephanie miscarried. One of the biggest downers in Robot Chicken history? Possibly. And what's with all the daddy issues? We learned today that the blooper guy and Optimus Prime have something in common, I guess.

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