Romney Campaign Misspells 'America,' Hilarity Ensues on Twitter

Romney Campaign Misspells 'America,' Hilarity Ensues on Twitter And here you were thinking that any chances for easy political jokes went out the window when George W. Bush left office...

It was a big night for Mitt Romney as he clinched the Republican nomination in the most recent vote. To celebrate, the campaign released a new iPhone app that would allow users to superimpose one of 14 different messages over a picture snapped from the phone, to share with others.

There's just one problem: somebody's spellcheck was broken.

One of the 14 different "I'm With Mitt" slogans that you can put on your pictures reads "A Better Amercia." And no, that isn't a typo on my part. The Romney campaign actually misspelled "America" as "Amercia" in the iPhone app.

As you can imagine, that set Twitter on fire as the gaffe went viral. Comedians and other celebs tweeted out their responses, including this one from NPR radio host John Moe:

Even Fox News sees the humor in the situation, as late-night host Andy Levy tweeted this earnest question:

Comedian Rob Delaney, one of the most-followed comedians on Twitter, just sent out a helpful pic of his own iPhone's spellcheck:

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) May 30, 2012

Within an hour or so of the gaffe going viral, the Internet already had its first "With Mitt" Tumblr account, titled "Amercia Is With Mitt!" The account goes the meme route that seems to be emerging from the gaffe, which is to superimpose the spelling error on relevant pictures, such as ones of dictionaries or other misspelled signs. The piéce de résistance on the Tumblr page is that the links for "Archive" and "Search" at the top are misspelled as well. Nice touch, Internet!

So, Mitt Romney's official campaign for the presidency isn't off to the best start. But hey, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

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